Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

Rs 3,90,000/-

As a result of this exceptionally quick ability to freeze, the machines ensure that ice molecules don’t have time to form, producing a hard, dry and luxurious end product each and every time.

As well as an automatic hot gas defrosting system to provide an accurate regulation of viscosity and automatic freeze-up protection, each continuous freezer is fitted with either a single piston mix pump (on ‘A’ series machines) or powerful twin piston mix pumps and on the larger models rotary extraction pumps to ensure that seeds, fruit and other particles are passed through easily without the risk of causing blockages and disruption to the business through subsequent downtime.

The continuous freezer range is available as an artisan machine in sizes from 200 litres per hour up to 400 litres per hour for customers who wish to replicate their batch freezer production but on a larger scale or the full industrial range which comes in sizes from 400 litres per hour up to 1200 litres per hour